My Aim in life

Have you ever focused what is your aim in life?

This question might be the one of most self asked question, every one does ask himself/herself at-least once in his/her life that what is their aim in life?
What's something they want to achieve? What's something that only they can do better then anyone out there and can that one thing be their aim in life to achieve?

I am sure for one thing that everybody does have asked this question in their life for once at least, but I am not sure that if most of them have ever figured out about it. For no doubt human race has learned a lot about other species, planets and universe and then there are so many things that were discovered and then diversified into sub-categories, but human were never able to learn anything about themselves.

Because life with any aim, that seems useless. Without any aim, everything you achieve doesn't even considered as any achievement because you have no aim. There might be an accident while you achieved anything but you was never intended to.! So life without aim is totally useless and pointless. As life is a great blessing, so one must understand it, because life must be spent purposefully. There's no difference in a life of a human and animal if there's no aim in life of a human.

In past, the purposes were very simple, man used to hunt food for living and for that they only knew that they had to kill any animal and bring it back to their camp/home or whatever it was in past, so their ladies/women could cook that food and even before from that there was no cooking at all. So if you traverse so back in past, then you will find out that there were so few aim in life of people that things were in plenty and aims were short.

But now time has changed, today in 2018 if you don't have any aim in life then you're considered to be useless. And even if you do have any life goal, you already knew that it's not easy to get your aim fulfilled. Time has completely changed, achieving a life goal isn't that easy as it was before. Due to inventions of a lot of things, the complexity of everything is moderated to a new level. So one should be ready and be prepared for everything that comes in his way so if he isn't living a life of an animal then he can use those skills to achieve his goals.

But as the problems increased, here's a solution for everybody. You can learn and be prepared to fight all of those things/problems that comes to your way. All of those difficulties that comes to your way can be changed to a learning play ground, but for all that one should be highly capable off doing it. Those capabilities are only achievable if you have a plan and you're focused to some aim. As without aim, life is nothing but a waste.

I want to become a footballer, and for this I did practiced 8 hours a day. I had trained myself in grounds and at home for hours and hours and all of those countless hours in my journey took me to another level. I wasn't good with my left leg, neither in shooting and neither in passing the ball properly. I thought that i would never be able to pass the ball accurately with my left leg. But I had learned something that if we are focused and we have some aim in life to achieve, then we can. My coach trained me 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. I had been into tough routines but I never gave up on football because I had aim to achieve.

In past year, I was selected in a company as their football player. That was my aim and I achieved it with hard work but that's not all. You should understand that having a aim in life isn't enough. But there must be plans as well. If you're having an aim in life that you want to become a teacher but you ain't did anything for it then that aim is useless and if doesn't mean anything to you.

So life without aim or with aim, if have no plans are both useless.


" Go forth to life, Oh! Child of Earth,
Still mindful to the heavenly birth:
Thou are not here for ease or sin
But manhood’s noble crown to " win.”


Everyone must have an aim in life, but that aim should be followed by a plan, and execution. I have seen a lot people with aim and they doesn't have any plan. I have also seen many people with aim in life and plans, but they don't have time to execute. So that's also useless.

So my dears, if you have an aim in life and a plan, it's time to focus on that how can you execute your plans in that way that it can create the best output for you. Because those people who doesn't have any aim are like those people who are sitting in a plane but plan doesn't know that where to fly. So the plane will stay at the place and won't achieve any destination even if that plane belongs to the best service.

Here's a guide for each and everybody who's reading this article, that while deciding your aim in life. The first and foremost thing is that you must be ready for the good and worst things that might come into your way.

Different people does have different aim, some people want to become a doctor, some want to become a pilot. Many want to become an engineer and some might wanna become the best chef. This is the responsibility of parents to get their kids to some counselling, so the teachers must know that what that kids want to become in their. When i was kid I wanted to become a computer engineer, but my dad was a doctor. So he forced me to read the biology subjects even i never wanted to become doctor. As it was inflicted upon me, so I never focused on those subjects and my criteria to read those subjects was just to pass them rather then gaining anything out of it. So later I became a software engineer and a WordPress developer.

So I didn't learned anything from bio, after all I achieved my destiny by becoming a software engineer but the basic I could have learned in my childhood were gone. So I wasn't a good student at all in my school. So it's the duty of parents to not to force their children to become something they don't want to, they must get their kids on those paths which are really want to become.

There are various business and skills that can be learned, so a parent  must let their child become something that they want to. Then they must ask them that what they had achieved while following their dreams or they failed? But asking your child to become a engineer when he want to become an artist and then when he wasn't able to become an engineer because that was out of his interest and then asking him that either he's good or a failure is totally wrong.

Every one must have aim and that aim should be cleared by parents. So if any parent reading this article I will request you to not to force your child ever, because in this way you will only ruin his life and you will never be able to get him anywhere.

What is your aim in life?

Let me know that what do you want in your life to be achieved by you? and how are you working on it? in the comments below.

Report compiled by Ata Rehman.

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