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Hi, my name is Ata Rehman & today I am going to help you to figure out the Top 10 Best College in Islamabad where you would want to take admission to continue your studies or of your child.

So you or your child might have completed his Matriculation Exams and now may be searching for the best college in Islamabad where he/she or you want to continue your study. The list of colleges that I have compiled is based on many different facts. These colleges are magnificently targeting students who are interested in F.A, ICS, ICom, FSC, Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical. These are not the rankings that are provided by some Educational Board, but the stats below are based on the popularity of colleges and also from the reviews that were given by students after their studies were completed in these colleges. Furthermore, the list is also based on the results that were provided by the college to the parents of students, and the students got highest marks and good grades. So below is the list of Top 10 Best College in Islamabad.


  1. Punjab College of Information Technology:
    Punjab College Of Information Technology
    AddressShahrah-e-Sohrwardy, Aabpara


  1. Sir Syed College:
    Sir Syed College
    AddressMall Road, Peshawar Rd, Islamabad
    CityIslamabadPhone 0335 5314197


  1. Islamabad Federal College F-10:
    Islamabad Federal College F-10
    AddressCIT Plaza F-10 Markez


  1. Cadet College Humak (REGD):
    Cadet College Humak (REGD)
    AddressCommandant Cadet College Humak, Kahuta Road


  1. Indus Group of Colleges:
    Indus Group of Colleges
    Address13-C, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad.


  1. Islamabad College of Management and Commerce:
    Islamabad College Of Management And Commerce, Islamabad
    Address16 Nazimuddin Road, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.


  1. Jinnah Muslim College of Commerce:
    Jinnah Muslim College Of Commerce, Islamabad
    AddressAabpara Market, Islamabad, Pakistan


  1. Uswa College Islamabad:
    Uswa College Islamabad
    AddressSaif Ali Education Complex Japan Road Sehala Zone V


  1. OPF College Islamabad:
    OPF College, Islamabad


  1. Islamabad Model College for Girls:
    Islamabad Model College For Girls,f-7/2, Islamabad

The list above is based on the reviews that I have collected from different google pages and compiled them into a file. I believe that this is the list of best college in Islamabad and also provided their contact details. In case of contact details are not correct. Kindly comment below and let me know the accurate contact details of the colleges. FSC is the basic foundation of a student educational career, and it must have been completely through a reputed college that earns well in the list of colleges that teaches FSC education. These tops colleges are decided on the basis of students interests to get admission in the college as well as the students who pass out. Those students who pass out from colleges also results in a publicity of the college if they get a good result, that un-intentionally grabs the attention of public around them.

Basic Criteria to get Admission into Best college in Islamabad:

The basic criteria of getting admission in these colleges are to first clear your matriculation exams from your respective boards. The better results you achieve results in more chances to get admissions in best college in Islamabad. There are also many other private sectors in Islamabad that allows students to take admission in their interested fields, even if they have got low results in exams. These private sectors charge high fees and provide a better environment than government sectors but due to high fees, parents who are not earning good money try to avoid them.

Why is it important to get be in the best college in Islamabad:

Choosing the best college is very important after you have completed your matriculation exams, it is very tough decision to make as it is a major portion of life. If you have chosen the best college then you will end up getting a good education. There's a fact that a good career starts from a day when you step in a good college with a lot of good teachers who can make you from a student to a professional person. Mostly when a student clears their matriculation exam, they make a huge mistake while applying to a college. The fact is that they do not do any research in this matter. The main goal of the students is to get admission in any college but they do not want to get admission any particular college. As if you're doing anything in your life, and you have not worked on it properly then the output will always be zero.

Questions in minds, related to Best College in Islamabad:

Students who are searching for the best college in Islamabad, likely have many questions in their mind. There are so many things that you need to learn before you take admission in a college. The following advice will help you to be successful in college.

Make a list of things that are required in college, you must know things that you might need in your college after you get admission. It is better to be in college with all the things that are required, rather than be in college with empty hands and pockets and you get nothing but a shame because you're asking others. Furthermore, it hurts you more when you're away from parents and you can't ask them money easily. So if you're going to be in the best college in Islamabad, you must have the best bag packed.

These best college in Islamabad are best due to their good schedules, so you must be realistic while making your timetable, you must know that when you should wake up and go to sleep to never to be late. There are so many things that you will have to follow to become the best student in these best college.

For students who are not able to take admission in the best college in Islamabad just due to high costs, then I suggest you take some loan. Being in these colleges help a lot. If you're a good student, you might get a scholarship else these colleges provide a great chance of learning and earning few bucks every month. You can participate in different activities after your schedule, for example, like become teacher assistant or taking part in an internship program that pays you back. By these means, you can earn few hundred or thousands bucks and it will make your efforts turn into money. You can start to manage your own pocket money or maybe start to pay your fees with these earnings.

If you're staying away from your home, for example, in a hotel then you will have to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner from college or maybe from other mess. Usually, these places are so careless about cooking a meal and they never even bother how dangerous these careless activities can be. As being on the other side, you should be careful about what you're going to eat? Try to eat healthily and avoid useless junk. Be sure to avoid eating the same thing regularly it will also create a bad impact on your health. Also, try to make your routine perfect unless irregular eating schedule can disturb your health and sleep as well. Which will eventually cause a trouble for you and you might skip classes. You have to concentrate on your classes and even if you don't skip, an irregular meal schedule will make you fall asleep in your class.

Being a good student you should schedule your time, the much bigger portion of your time should in studying and doing practical of your studies. These days students try to avoid the study part and spend more time in gossips and partying. This will eventually result in bad grades and you will lose your reputation and scholarships as well if you have any. Make your timetable, you should know that what time do you have to study and what time is your free time. Make sure that the bigger slice always goes to study.


You might not be worried about college after reading above, but believe me that even the seat you're going to choose does have a higher impact on your success rate. If you're going to be on the first bench always, you will get better results. The students sitting in front benches are always more into teachers lectures rather than students sitting at last bench. It's not about the place you're about to sit, but it's all about the attention you maintain while sitting in that place. You will always be more concentrate to your lecture when you're sitting in front but if you're sitting in last, you will be more into your mobile phone, sending texts using WhatsApp. Even if you're sitting at a front desk, you will understand more and ask more questions. I have been a frontbencher throughout my Software Engineering and I have learnt a lot.

Don't be too much into parties and gossips, because when you're in best college in Islamabad, there is a huge competition as well. Your late night parties and gossips will leave you nowhere and empty-handed. Try to avoid them. A night sleep is very important for your studies and health. So be sure to avoid such gossips, parties, or fun that drive you away from your sleep.

Furthermore, if you're using buses to reach your college in Islamabad as you're staying in a hostel then you should be worried about your timetable more then normal. Because these are external things that control your schedules. You must have extra time in case anything happens to the bus and cause you delay. Try to reach the bus station as early as you can. So you can reach your college 10 minutes before your classes are scheduled.

You should be more focused on classes that are tough usually, students try to avoid classes that are tough and pick up those that are easier. But believe me getting tougher classes, learning those skills that everyone else tries to avoid bring more value to you. People always try to run from difficulties and this is what makes a difference. If you're into difficulties first, you will have ease tomorrow, it will bring you a bright future. Today people with unique skills get more jobs than people with same old skills that everyone else has.

When you're in the best college and especially in the best college in Islamabad, you should be over smart to outsmart other kids. Try to make quality notes when you're in class. When your teacher is delivering the lecture, you should note down them. Create your own quality notes rather than asking from someone else. Someone else notes will never help you and instead of helping they will always put a negative impact. People are not good at writing, and few of them who are good, write down very little on their notes which is only understandable by them. So in fact, if you understanding right, you might understand wrong from their notes eventually ending up with a failure.

Talking about your assignments, you shouldn't consider submitting your assignments in last or at last minute. An assignment which is submitted as soon possible always is appreciated by teachers. But submitting the assignment as soon as possible doesn't mean that you should submit it with wrong answers. You should solve your assignments correctly as soon as possible. Try to submit it offline and online as well. In offline, you should submit a hard copy of your assignments in a proper binding. Don't use useless colour papers or making drawing on papers. Try to make your assignments neat and clean.

When you're in the best college in Islamabad, you must be attending social events. It will help you to meet a lot of new people, and you will learn a lot from them. When you're staying in a hostel, it happens that your rooms are quite small. Pack only quality things that are really important. Don't pack unnecessary things. A lot of unnecessary things can make your room turn in to a lot of mess. So better avoid that mess. Try to have fewer things in your pocket or bag.

Below is the list of all the colleges that are in Islamabad, list extracted from Wikipedia.

  • OPF Boys College Islamabad
  • Islamabad College for Boys, G-6/3
  • CDA Model School
  • Beaconhouse School System
  • Roots School System
  • Froebel's International School
  • Punjab College of Commerce
  • Bahria Foundation College Islamabad
  • Fazaia Intermediate College, Islamabad
  • Army Public Schools & Colleges System
  • Institute of Islamic Sciences
  • Indus Group of Colleges
  • Polymathic Education System School & College
  • Polymathic Universal School System
  • Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jinnah Muslim School & College, Park Road, Taramari Chowk, Islamabad

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