Best Payment Solutions in Pakistan

Being an online business owner, I always face problems regarding payment solutions in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the largest Freelancer and online start-ups producing company.

PayPal is an ultimate solution to send/receive money online but unfortunately, It doesn’t operate in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the most common problems every single freelancer and webmaster facing are payment issues.

A newbie doesn’t even know how to receive payments from international clients.

So let’s jump into the solution to see, what are the online payment solutions in Pakistan.

Online Payment Solutions In Pakistan

Best Payment Solutions in Pakistan:

In a developing country like Pakistan, you have to face the real-time challenges to be successful in the field of Information & Technology.

Either you are freelancer or e-commerce business owner, you have to find the best payment solutions in Pakistan. Today, I will be sharing some of the best online payment solutions in Pakistan that don’t only allow you send/receive payments in Pakistan but also to withdraw to your bank account too.

No one can deny that reigning champion of online Payment solutions worldwide. PayPal is the de facto and one point solution for customers, business owners, freelancers, and every individual. But our government is yet failed to bring PayPal to Pakistan.

There are still many methods to get PayPal approve in Pakistan but they are illegal and are created by tricks. So I won’t be covering PayPal in this guide. Instead of PayPal, there is a number of competitors that you can use as the best payment solutions in Pakistan with quite similar features.

1)     Payoneer:

American based financial services company, Payoneer is one of the widely used payment solutions in Pakistan as the PayPal’s alternative.

Payoneer in Pakistan is mostly used by website owners and freelancers to receive their payments online. It also allow users to withdraw funds directly to their bank account at minimum rates.

Right now, Payoneer is supporting over 200 countries with 150 different currencies. You can also grow your business with Payoneer using their flexible API.

2)     Skrill:

Formally known as Money Bookers, Skrill is a well-known payment solution in Pakistan and best alternative to PayPal.

What making it best is the mouth-watering features like instant withdraw, fast deposits, minimum transfer fees, and over 40 acceptable currencies.

Over 70% freelancing companies worldwide are using Skrill as their payment gateways, so you can often make purchases with your Skrill too.

3)    Payza:

Payza, which is also known as AlertPay, I’m using it too for almost 2 years now and it’s awesome. They keep introducing and enabling their users with few features time by time.

If you are truly looking for the PayPal alternatives in Pakistan, then Payza is the best after Payoneer. Using this online banking system, you can send and receive payments worldwide. I would rate it one of the best payment solutions in Pakistan due to their low commission rates and best user support.

They issue their users a credit card that can be loaded from your Payza balance and then use it anywhere in the world.

That’s it. There are many more online payment solutions in Pakistan that you can use as your default payment gateways. Every platform has its own pros and cons.

I personally experienced the above 3 platforms many times and found them best upon them all. You can go with the one that can simplify for business transactions.

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