Keyboard Shortcuts for Macbook Pro 2018

I have often found myself frustrated knowing that there is are Keyboard Shortcuts for Macbook Pro for something in Mac OSX but for whatever reason I can’t remember what it was. This page is my way of keeping track of keyboard shortcuts I find online so I don’t have to remember them! The list is compiled by myself, You can read more about me at my website page.

Keyboard Shortcuts for MacBook Pro List

Shift+Apple+QLog out
Shift+Option Apple+QLog out immediately
Shift+Apple+DeleteEmpty Trash
Apple+HHide Active Application
Option+Apple+HHide All But The Active Application
Control+EjectShut Down, Sleep, or Restart Options
Apple+Control+EjectQuit all applications and Restart
Apple+ . (period)Stop a process
Apple+ , (comma)Open Preferences for Active Application
Option+Apple+DShow/Hide Dock
Control+Up ArrowMove up one page
Control+Down ArrowMove down one page
Option+Apple+EscForce Quit
File Management
Apple+NNew Finder window
Shift+Apple+NNew Folder
Apple+OOpen Another Existing Document
Shift+Apple+SSave as
Apple+WClose Window
Apple+Option+WClose all Windows
Apple+IGet Info
Option+Apple+IShow Attributes Inspector
Apple+QClose Application
Apple+LMake Alias
Apple+RShow Original
Apple+TAdd to Favorites
Apple+DeleteMove Highlighted Items to Trash
Apple+ASelect All
Apple+ {Align Left
Apple+ }Align Right
Apple+ | (pipe)Align Center
Apple+ ; (semicolon)Check Spelling
Shift+Apple+CShow Colors palette in application
Apple+TShow Font palette in application
View Menu
Apple+1View as Icons
Apple+2View as List
Apple+3View as Columns
Option+Apple+THide Toolbar
Apple+JShow View Options
Moving Around
Apple+ [Back
Apple+ ]Forward
Shift+Apple+GGoto Folder
Apple+KConnect to Server
Apple+TabSwitch to next Application
Controlling Windows
Apple+NNew Window
Apple+TNew Tab
Apple+MMinimize Window
Option+Apple+MMinimize All Windows
Getting Help
Apple+ ?Open Mac Help
Universial Access
Option+Apple+ * (asterisk)Turn on Zoom
Option+Apple+ =Zoom in
Option+Apple+ -Zoom out
Control+Option+Apple+ *Switch to White on Black (Invert Screen)
Combine Keyboard with Mouse
Option+DragCopy to new location
Option+Apple+DragMake alias in new location
Apple+DragMove to new location without copying
Screen Shots
Apple+Shift+3Take a picture of the screen
Apple+Shift+4Take a picture of the selection
Apple+Shift+4, ControlTake a picture of the selection, place in clipboard
Apple+Shift+4, SpacebarTake a picture of the selected window

Update: For European characters and accent marks there are several useful key combinations that use Mac’s option key. You can read more about Apple MacBook Pro.

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