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As much as Governance keeps increasing in Pakistan, commerce has followed suit and has come to stay. There are many branches of commerce but e-commerce is the most prominent from the early days when technology was plugged into the society. The rate at which every business is gravitating towards digital systems is alarming, why would Pakistan be different? In fact, there are more than ten online shopping businesses in Pakistan. But for the purpose of this article, we will highlight ‘Top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan.’

Since the birth and launch of 3G and 4G services, the response of people of Pakistan to Internet penetration, smartphone adoption, and digital awareness has changed considerably. Thus, this has undoubtedly heightened the potential of the adoption of e-commerce in the country at large. Also known as ecosystem entrepreneurs, e-commerce owners have made an irrefutable impact on the Pakistani revenue. By 2020, it is predicted that the e-commerce in the country will shoot to about $1 billion. When compared to the projected $100 million in 2016, this is a big leap as confirmed by the industry leaders and the government as a whole. That said, Pakistan residents see Online Shopping as a need and not a trend.

Presently, the e-commerce industry in Pakistan is valued at $60 million. But the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is set at more approximately 100% because of the rate at which the industry doubles in size annually. From statistics, prediction experts believe the sector will see a tumultuous growth in the next five years. Apparently, the industry is set to cross a milestone of about $5 billion in the year 2020.

As worthy businessmen, many individuals in Pakistan are taking advantage of the growth prediction. The reducing rates of Internet access are pulling key players into the market. Thus, almost everyone has established a niche for themselves in the world of e-commerce.

However, the recent inclination towards e-commerce is due to the e-commerce revolution that took place in the country just recently. Contributors to this revolution include the pioneer of online shopping in Pakistan, The general trend in the market is for a particular business to set the pace for others to follow. As a trendsetter, came along and handed other e-commerce businesses a manual to have a successful business. Since the goal is to keep the ‘ecosystem’ green, other businesses like Rocket Internet, Bramerz, and OCS are making efforts to keep their flags flying as well.

So what are the benefits of Online Shopping Websites?

Convenience is the most significant member of this list. Is it possible to step out of your bed at odd hours to select your most desired item? Definitely not. But the advent of online shopping websites helps you to circumvent the hassles of joining a long queue to get the most basic items. That too, in less than five minutes (except your Internet is slow by the way). Also, you have the opportunity to experience a 'no pollution' shopping. Have you ever imagined being so bored in the home and you decide to read a new book but the scorching sun in the horizon deters you from stepping out of your comfort zone? As long as payment is made, you can buy your favourite books at minimal cost without getting burnt under the hot sun. The legitimacy of these online stores confirms the originality of items purchased.

Variety and variety...

There are several choices on the Internet, it never ends. In a single shopping store, a customer can get varieties of products at amazing deals. The benefit is the elimination of middlemen and manufacturers who may spend a long time in delivering the desired items. Now, there is no need to spend exorbitant money on fare whether it is delivered by air or by road. This means that geographical location is not a deterrent to the delivery of goods. With more varieties come different sizes and colours of products in bulk quantities. In fact, people with upcoming events can order products in large quantities depending on the number of individuals involved. As seen in some online shopping websites in Pakistan, items can be paid for on delivery and confirmation of originality.

Friendly prices...

Customers have the belief that items found online are generally cheaper and pocket-friendy. This is true because a lot of people have attested to this fact. Asides the fact that bottlenecks involved in obtaining goods directly from the manufacturer are navigated, the items always have a price tag that is slightly different from the source price. Sometimes, online stores offer discount coupons on special days like Black Friday to compensate for continued patronage and loyalty. The only reason why the original price of an item may differ considerably from the seller's price is that of the inclusion of sales tax.

The concept of Black Friday

This has become a tradition all over the world. The hype and buzz that comes with Black Friday is a motivation to become a part of the ‘e-commerce revolution, right? Being the ultimate busy peak, Black Friday is rated as the busiest of all shopping days. Just like other online shopping portals around the world, online shopping sites in Pakistan are no exceptions as well.

The most rewarding reason for Black Friday is the opportunity for discounts. There are a host of mouth-watering discounts that one can get on different e-commerce platforms. To that effect, here is a list of ‘Top 10 Shopping sites in Pakistan’ that are currently making waves in the retail sector in no particular order.

List of Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan:


    Ata Rehman Daraz.Pk is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the first position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. As long as the item is on planet earth, then you will find it on this website. This is due to the wide range of product is on their portal. With both traction and footfall seen as the highest in the whole of Pakistan, e-commerce is becoming a trend in the country. I guess this agrees with their portal claim which says ‘online shopping in Pakistan has never been so easy.’ There are more reasons why the website is becoming the leader in online retail and a few are: product reliability, lavish product range, payment modes, and regular streams of discounts. A range of items that are sold on the website includes Appliances, Mobiles & Tablets, Grocers’ Shop, Home & Living, Beauty &Health, Books & Stationary, Sports & Travel, and more.

    Other Asian countries that currently enjoy the services of the marketplace include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Nepal. Starting from beauty products to fashion and consumer electronics, the general merchandise that can be found on the website is limitless. It is apt to qualify Daraz’s services as unparalleled and unmatched.

    The administrators of the website have ensured that the security of their customers is not compromised by setting up a personalization interface. This means that every shopper gets a personalized experience throughout their ‘shopping’ period. Daraz’s signatures are – value for money, fast and speedy delivery, a melange of products, and easy returns. Therefore, Daraz is a ‘game changer’ in the online retail store facet in Pakistan. Little wonder they are included in the ‘Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan.’

    This store is owned by the CDC Group of the Government of The United Kingdom which is focused on business support and development in South Asia and Africa.


    Ata Rehman is the second most famous site in Pakistan and occupies the second position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. As one of the pioneers of Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan, the e-commerce company is a reputable brand. In the absence of other companies, they are renowned for their ‘easy and convenient’ shopping methods. Established in 2013, Symbios has always strived to provide quality products for their growing customers.

    Their core specialization is innovative products such as camera, watches, tablets, laptops, and mobiles. This is the reason they are known to their target audience as the ‘revolutionists in online shopping.’ Their foremost goal is to serve their customer fundamental needs and services with a wide range of offering and products. So, Symbios is customer-centric and value-driven.

    With a dedicated customer support system, this website provides clear and concise information in a limited time. Because of their sincere and directional intention towards their customers, their customer pool is growing at an exponential rate.

    This website can be compared to international contemporaries because of their payment platforms. There are six different platforms where customers can pay for their items, and this offers a wider range of options for different customers. In fact, the e-commerce website boasts of a large number of international customers who receive their goods by the shipment method.

    Furthermore, Symbios is currently promoting green shopping. This platform encourages the comparison of prices for customers with strict budgets. Customers can also avoid the hustle that comes with traffic by shopping at the convenience of their homes.

    Different products that can be found on their website includes Home Appliances, TV & Multimedia, Health & Care, Laptops, Clothing, Home & Outdoor, Cameras, and more.


    Ata Rehman is the third most famous site in Pakistan and occupies the third position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. website is one of the trendsetters when it comes to online e-commerce in Pakistan. With both Android and iOS interfaces, customers can make endless orders on-the-go. Also, there are no restrictions on the areas of delivery in the whole of Pakistan.

    So far, Homeshopping has been listed amongst the most reliable and safest online marketplaces in Pakistan.Asides that, they offer unbelievable services that can be hardly found on other websites.

    Ever had about 7 days replacement warranty? If you have, the source will definitely by Usually, some smartphone fans spend fortunes on buying their favourite products online. Unfortunately, the reason is defeated when the product is not genuine. At, shoppers can purchase luxury goods and have them returned if they fail to meet the expected standards. This is the most productive sales' strategy ever implemented by an online store.

    Also, an attractive package is the one-year warranty offer. There are few companies in Pakistan that include this benefit in their package. For instance, it is safer to by Apple products from the website because their warranty extends to this class of items as well.

    Another amazing reason you should shop on the website is the 'price beating policy'. This policy is as sweet but not as interesting as it sounds. With this policy, you can share snapshots of a particular product on other sites that has a lower price than what is on the site. This has a few similarities with physical bargaining of goods, doesn't it? Now, you can eat your cake and have it!

    For every product purchased, there is a tendency to have them delivered in less than 48 hours. Yes! They have a proven track of getting items to respective buyers in decent times.

    Varieties of products that can be purchased on include Mobile Phones, Men and Women Wear, Health Products, and so on.


    Ata Rehman is the second fourth most famous site in Pakistan and occupies the second fourth in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. is a member of the independent company called E-COM (an extension of TCS. These sister companies are known for consecutive years of topnotch customer experience. After all, the team consists of the finest professionals in the field of business management, content creation, and digital marketers.

    Yayvo is one of the websites that has timelessly and tirelessly offered speed and reliability to local customers. This site has an assortment of quality beauty products, electronics, gadgets, and lifestyle products. As a brand that can be reckoned with, they also convenience and consistency.

    Because all items are delivered to your doorstep, the product images are of high definition and clarity so that the best choice can be made at a glance while there is time to select other products. At Yayvo, there is no compromise when it comes to timely delivery.

    Their payment option is 'cash on delivery', an option which is convenient for customers without a functional bank account. For lovers of online payments, there are several platforms to choose from as well.

    Statistically, the number of products on Yayvo is estimated to be about 5000. This means there is always something for every customer that logs onto the e-commerce website.

  5. is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the fifth position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. was launched in 2007 and the website has relentless pooled loyal customers to date.

    Pakistanis are generally renowned for their love for gadgets especially mobile phones and game consoles. On this website, there are different portals for highly ranked technology products and electronic gadgets such as notebook, Widget, Monitors, Tablets and Mobile Phones. With a single click and minimal budget, your dream gadget can be yours after all.

    More product that can be found on Vmart is digital cameras, gaming gears, desktop computers, printers, graphics cards, iPad accessories, 3G routers, sound cards, scanners, webcams, speakers, wireless IP cameras, MP3 & MP4 players, office products, and WiFi routers.

    This website is always available for the consumers for an undiluted shopping experience. Recently, the website initiated series of special deals and discounts for their consumers. The only requirement to fill up your shopping carts is a fee rupee and some attitude! This is an irresistibly fascinating offer when compared to some e-commerce websites in Pakistan.

    Are you looking for a quality product with guaranteed quality? Search no further. Vmart is the go-to site that provides customer satisfaction and experience in one package.

    For Pakistan residents, there are several products which do not attract 'shipping charges'. The website is easy to navigate and making orders has never been so easy.

  6. BNBAccessories

    Ata Rehman

    BNBAccessories is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the sixth position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. BNBAccessories ranks amongst the most profiled e-commerce websites in Pakistan. With excellent digital marketing and content creation, BNB came and stole the hearts of many Pakistanis away. This worldwide platform has risen to a height that was never imagined by its contemporaries.

    The key focus at BNB is customer satisfaction. This is seen in the assortment of quality brands that are displayed on the site. Interestingly, BNB is tightly packed with the best brands in the world and they are sold at affordable rates without bias to customer's purchasing power.

    Amongst several attributes given to BNBAccessoties include pure, excellent, and efficient. According to their motto, more people especially ladies can purchase their favourite accessories for unplanned parties or events. For the men, there are several patterns and designs of clothing to choose from. BNB is, therefore without boundaries and fashion-focused.

    BNB had taken fashion to a whole new level. A fine combination of pricing and quality is hard to find in the world of e-commerce. Before items are displayed, BNB carries out intensive research to identify the needs and requirements of their target audience. They cater to everyone's needs by categorizing items based on price and size depending on the item.

    BNB has successfully reduced the patronage of customers at physical malls or stores because they offer convenient shopping for all ages and genders.

    At BNB, it is all about stylish clothing and bold fashion statements. If you are confused about what to wear, you can log onto the website and get fashion ideas from the combinations of the models on display.

    Items you will find on BNB are Kurtas and the best assortments of male and female clothing.

  7. Shophive

    Shophive is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the seventh position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. Shophive is a low-key e-commerce website that is undeniably rising against the tides. It was launched in 2006 by its owner Aslan Nazir, a sole proprietor with a high reputation in Pakistan. Currently, it ranks amongst top sites that offer after-sales services and excellent services. The belief is that 'customer satisfaction translates to company satisfaction'.

    Their long-term and extended relationship with customers ensure that a continuous stream of buyers. It is ranked amongst 'Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan' because it has endless prospects and benefits for customers at large.

    Reputation is as important as the growth of the company itself. That is why it is always important to get feedback from buyers so that processes are continuously proved.

    Shophive deals in different gadgets and accessories such as Cameras, Video Games, Mobile & Tablets, Printers & Scanners, TV & Audio, Digital Store, Home & Office Products, Apple and Laptop Mobiles, Networking & Storage, Fashion, and so much. You should check the site immediately.

  8. Kaymu


    Kaymu is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the 8th position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. Kaymu is a worldwide e-commerce platform that gives room for equal participation. As an online marketplace, it is the first amongst its kind to provide a platform where both buyers and sellers can meet to achieve mutual goals. The fixed pricing system gives room to make awesome deals online.

    Most of the items that are available on Kaymu include used and unused items such as technology products and items - cars, home appliances, real estate, smartphones, computers, fashion, clothing, and so much more. Kaymu affords businessmen the opportunity to sell their disposed of items at affordable but profitable prices.

    Kaymu platform promotes vigorous adverts and marketing which attracts prospective buyers to displayed items. While the sellers can get the best deals online, buyers can also get good profits from several items.


    Ata Rehman iShopping is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the ninth position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. is an online retail store best known for 'free shipping and delivery'. This translates to best deals and rates for their numerous customers in Pakistan. Also, this site is product-focused because they deal in electronic products. It is a well-structured hub for the purchase of consumer goods at unbelievable rates.

    This doesn't mean that there aren't products that are suitable for the female species. Female lovers of technology products will find several items that suit their room needs. In fact, females can buy gifts for their lovers who are lovers of tech as well.

    Numerous products that can be found on the site are smartphones, wearable gadgets, video game consoles, tablet PC, media players, beauty products for both genders, and so on.

  10. Chase Value Centre

    Ata Rehman Chase Value Center

    Chase Value Centre is one of the most famous sites in Pakistan and occupies the number ten position in the list of top 10 Online Shopping sites in Pakistan. Chase Value Centre has been named the market leader in the e-commerce industry. This followed the recent success of a physical store that most brands can reckon with. Like the Big Bazaar of Pakistan, this company is renowned for consistency and originality. Because of their limitations in products, they are on a mission to incorporate more items that will leave their customers and contemporaries utterly astonished.

    Before Chase Value Centre carved a niche for herself on the Internet, it was popular for the affordable items and products. Consequently, they are popular for consistency in serving the mediocre. This company intends to maintain their long-term services as well.

    As the driving force behind the booming Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan, Chase Value Centre stands at the focal point of e-commerce revolution in Pakistan.

    There are many newbies in the Pakistani e-commerce industry but most are just at the tip of business building. A very common example is On its arrival, it received floods of accolades and pitched the interest of many prospective buyers. So far, it is climbing the ladder to become one of the 'most preferred online shopping websites in the whole of Pakistan.

    In addition, there are several items with competitive prices that will leave people drooling for more. The high-quality products on the site match the present trends across the world. This is why the business is flourishing against the prediction of critics.

    The most effective tool that had set them apart from fellow rookies is the 'quick delivery' scheme they have maintained so far.


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