I have been very lucky in my career that I have managed to do a fair bit of travel and capture some amazing parts of the world. I have put together this list not only for professional photographers but hobbyists and novices too. In no particular order, here’s some for the bucket list.

The Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

Annually millions of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes migrate from Ngorongoro conservation in Tanzania via Serengeti national park to Maasai Mara national park in Kenya and back through the same route. This event is believed to be the most phenomenal and spectacular occurrence worldwide. A photographer worth his salt would not miss out on this.

Egyptian pyramids

The pyramids located in Cairo in Egypt are awed worldwide. They are known as Giza pyramids and were initially built, more than 4000 years ago, as memorials to the three Egyptian kings. They said to be among the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Himalayan mountains

They are made up of more than hundred mountains with the highest peak being Mount Everest. Five countries namely, Bhutan, India Nepal, China and Pakistan pay homage to the humongous mountains. The snow-capped peaks and the exquisite flora and fauna found here, makes the destination a must-go for photographers

Antarctica penguins

This is a remote and extreme and phenomenal photographing destination. The presence of flying penguins is a shot to die for. Apart from the magnificent flying penguin, variety of wildlife including fur and elephant seals, icebergs that are as old as the earth itself, enormous and unique and thirdly the dynamic lighting due to the unpredicted state of weather make Antarctica a must-go as well. This isn’t somewhere I have actually been just yet, but it is on my bucket list. I’ve heard Antartica tours can be pretty darn expensive, though, especially with 5 of us. One can dream though right.

The Northern Lights

Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this is a naturally occurring phenomenon in Norway and other northern countries across the world. The lights are as a result of collisions of gas particles in the atmosphere. They vary in colours depending on gas particles in the collision. Pink and pale green colours are most dominant. Other colours include red, yellow, blue, violet and green.

The Great Wall of China.

Built more than 2,000 years ago the China wall is among the enlisted wonders of the world. In 1987 it was listed UNESCO as a world heritage. Its length is estimated to be 13,170 miles. It’s known for its historical, cultural and architectural values. Badaling the most visited section of the wall. The wall cuts across mountains, grasslands and deserts.

Horseshoe Falls

Locate in Ontario in Canada, Horseshoe Falls has a height of 51m and a width of 820m found on the Niagara River. This spectacular sight is at the helm of nature’s wonders. It’s simply put as nature at its best.

Mount Rushmore

Located in Black Hills, South Dakota, with the splendorous curvatures of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, it signifies the history of the American people. It’s an embodiment of the heritage of Americans, their origin, growth and development to date. The site is visited by over 3 million people yearly.

Photography is about creating immortal memories. People and events come to pass but photographs remain for eternity taking us down the varied memory lanes. Bearing that in mind then we must make photography phenomenal by visiting equally phenomenal destinations to capture those phenomenal moments. Are any of these places on your bucket list? Let me know.

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