Sundas Foundation

Project Starting Date: 16 August 2017
Project Ending Date: 12 September 2017

Started this project under NKU Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd on 16 of August 2017. Sundas Foundation is a blood donation organization that’s working for the benefits and betterment of patients who are deceased with Thalassaemia, Leukemia and Hemophilia.
You can read more about Sundas Foundation here.

Starting on 16 of August, I followed these steps to get it ranked on top.

Sundas Foundation
Sundas Foundation - 17 August 2017


  1. Social Signals:

At first I checked the presence of social signals on this website. There were very few amount of Facebook likes and shares on the website, neither any other social signals were present at the moment I started. So I thought to start the work via increasing the social media presence of the website. I contacted the department to find out if they had any social media presence or any pages linked to their domain, but I wasn’t able to find any.
So I started to work on Social media presence for Sundas Foundation.
I increased the number of social signals of the website from very few to quite high, till the moment I thought those are enough. I continued this process for a week and didn’t created any backlink or changed anything on website.

  1. Website Analysis:

After a week of social signals, I turned toward site on date 24th of August to check either the website has On-Page all set? I found out that none of the on-page was configured on the website pages, which was another downside factor of the website that caused it not rank high in google searches. It took me two days to properly check all pages and configure their on-page.
What I did in on-page?
I used Yoast Plugin to optimize every page. I checked if the page is properly optimized with the keyword we are trying to rank for or not. I added images, I did optimized all pages by increasing the text and more relevancy.

  1. Backlinks:

On 26th of August, I created the first backlink on For a week I created 20-25 backlinks per day.
Sundas Foundation was ranking on third position on the day I started the work and I had to take to it to the top. So I started created quality backlinks.

Procedure for creating backlinks: I used google footprints to create backlinks, I didn’t used anyone else already given auto approved links because google really cares about relevancy of content.

Feeding Backlinks:

Few days after on 12 September I noticed that was ranking on top globally and in Pakistan as well. Which was a relief moment, but as soon as possible the ranking got up it went down as well. Due to the huge page size of more than 12 MB, it was quite hard to keep such a time taking with slow loading speed site to top. I witnessed that after every few hours my site went back to third position and in few hours it went back to first position.

Here’s the strategy I used.
It’s an old strategy but it worked very well from me.
I create an auto blog which was continuously posting about health, so I used another plugin to share all of those post to other media accounts automatically.
I connected 10 tumblr accounts with more than 30 PA with my auto blog & used three bloggers as well. I gave backlinks from blogger and tumblrs but not the auto blog.
The auto blog posted 1 post every day for consistently 20 days and that passed a huge authority to my website increasing it rankings in AHREFS metrics as well as it became stable on as well.

Sundas Foundation Mobile Ranking


Sundas Foundation Desktop Ranking


You may ask your question below in the comments, I will be happy to answer them.! I will be blogging more about it in my BLOG section.

Ata Rehman

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