What Language Does Pakistan Speak

What language does Pakistan Speak or you might want to ask that what languages are those that are spoken in Pakistan? Pakistan is a country where people are from many different regions. Due to different regions, it is extremely possible that there are multiple languagesĀ that are spoken in Pakistan. So In this article, we are going to see that What Languages does Pakistan Speak.

The Official Language of Pakistan is URDU, and the second official language of Pakistan is English. Back in 2015, the Government Of Pakistan planned to obsolete the English language from this list as they wanted only one Official language in Pakistan that is URDU.

There are so many regional languages that are also spoken in Pakistan and as there are so many Physical Features in Pakistan the language is changed after hundred miles. List of these languages is given below.

List of What Language Does Pakistan Speak

  1. Punjabi
  2. Pashto
  3. Saraiki
  4. Balouchi
  5. Hindko
  6. Kashmiri
  7. Brahui
  8. Balti
  9. Sheena
  10. Dhatki
  11. Marwari
  12. Khowar
  13. Burushaski
  14. Wakhi

There are total 74 different languages that are spoken in Pakistan and they are also divided into different pairs. 66 of these languages are indigenous and rest of the 8 languages are non-indigenous. 7 of them are split into constitutional languages while 17 of them are developing.

Urdu is the official language of Pakistan and according to a survey only 8% of Pakistan people speak URDU as their first language, and according to these stats, Urdu is the second most understandable language in Pakistan. The top of them all is Punjabi. Punjabi is the most widely spoken language in the whole country and also one of the most understandable languages.

Urdu is originated from the Persian Language, but for a long time, the Persian Language is banned in Pakistan.

There are languages that are understandable as per region.


In the province of Punjab, the Punjabi Language is widely spoken and understood. Although there are many under languages are spoken in this region due to many people who migrated from other regions to the Punjab province and they brought other languages with themselves. The Punjabi Language is the foremost spoken language the is spoken in the whole country and according to a survey it is estimated the around 45% of people in Pakistan are more familiar with the Punjabi Language.


In the province of Sindh, the Sindhi language is spoken by nearly 14.5% of Pakistani People. There are many other languages that are spoken in Sindh but as the vast majority speaks Sindhi language, so that is understandable easily in Sindh Region.

Rest of other languages are spoken in other regions of Pakistan, but to make our article precise, the list of languages that are widely spoken in Pakistan is already provided above.

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