Why ARMEMBER is the most Sought Out WordPress Membership Plugin

WordPress has grown tremendously not only in providing blogging services but also providing comprehensive solutions to all kinds of websites. Thanks to a variety of WordPress themes and plugins, you can set up from simple static websites to a dynamic website like an eCommerce site.

ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin helps in creating a comprehensive membership website. In this article, I will show you how to improve an online business through the membership plugin.

A website is not only a tool to help in building a business. With ARMember plugin, the website becomes a business by itself. I know you’re probably asking how?

Setting up the ARMember WordPress plugin increases the income generated from the online business. The membership program is one of the profitable monetization strategies on the internet if well utilized. It also acts as a hub for providing information to the target audience, answering questions and allow the fans to connect.

Why I like ARMember WordPress Membership plugin

  1. Unlimited level of membership: You can have an unlimited number of membership plans where users can subscribe to. Users can also be able to subscribe to multiple levels simultaneously.

ARMembers PlansYou can create multiple payment cycles under a single membership plan giving users a chance to subscribe to different options.


To kick-start your website, you can use “an invite-only” membership plan by invite few people with social influence to help you in creating awareness of your website.





  1. Restrict content:
    You can set access rules based on the membership plans. ARMember plugin provides an interface to restrict some content on paid packages, help you set permission for pages, custom posts, menus, tags, navigation links, etc.

Restrict content



  1. Create forms:
    ARMember form builder allows you to design to create customized signup and login forms. You can easily use form templates to even make the process quicker.

Form template



  1. Different payment gateways:
    Users can easily pay using different payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.net, Bank transfer, 2Checkout and strive.Different payment gateways



5. WooCommerce Payment gateway:
It is the largest e-commerce payment gateway for WordPress.

WooCommerce Payment gateway



6. Built-In security features:
You not only restrict access to membership sites but also maintain the security of your website through the built-in anti-spam security feature.

Built-In security features


  1. Social network option:
    This plugin provides a free social login add-on to enable users to interact with each online.

    Social network option


The major ARMember plugin drawback is the inability to restrict posts based on creation date. Probably this feature can be added soon. You need to subscribe to paid membership plan after 6 months to continue receiving customer support services.


Among all the available membership site plugins, ARMember can handle different activities on your website. ARMember plugin can do a lot more than the mentioned benefits of third-party integration. I will recommend this plugin for any e-commerce operating business due to its user-friendliness and ability to control your subscriptions. The plugin is ideal for anyone running a membership WordPress site.

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