Ata Rehman | An Online Tutor and A Learner

Ata RehmanHi, I am Ata Rehman, an online Instructor and tutor as well.
I have been working in the online field since 2013 and done many things.
I have been into so many things online including SEO, WordPress Development, Social Media Marketing, being a YouTuber, being a Redditor, Content Writing and consultancy fall under my speciality.
I have spent hours and hours for learning and practising all of these skills.
Now I am running my own personal blog which I believe is the best way to share the knowledge I have learnt in years.
I believe in sharing the knowledge to those who seek.
I have future plans to build my own company in the same field and to create more and more jobs for the people of my country.


Professional Experience of Ata Rehman:

I have worked in many different professional environments, working in Call Centers to Software Houses.
At the moment I am working in a USA Based company as an SEO Expert & Assistant Manager.
I believe in working hard and learning more even in my profession.
For that, I do like to read blogs and forums.
Throughout now, I have found Facebook as the best place to learn and share knowledge as the platform getting bigger and better day by day.

Qualification of Ata Rehman:

I am a Software Engineer, completed my BS-SE back in 2017 from University of Management & Technology.
I have been asked so many times that why I am not doing Software Development after completing my Degree?
I believe that working on your Passion always make you achieve your goals rather than working on what you have been taught.
Your education makes you better man at wisdom, but your goals are achieved by working on your passion.

Projects of Ata Rehman (SEO Expert – WordPress Developer):

I have developed many WordPress Websites and did SEO of many websites.
I wish to share them on my blog someday but as I had completed them under a company, so there are things that aren’t good to share as it does exploit the company policies.
So at the moment, I can’t share them on my blog.

Want To Learn Something? You can contact me now.

Read more about me here, about me.

Email: admin(@)atarehman(.)com
Call Now: +92348-4141121
Skype: ata.rehman42
Address: Lahore, Pakistan.

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