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Ata RehmanMy name is Ata Rehman.

I am a Software Engineer and a WordPress developer.
I have completed my Software Engineering from UMT (University of Management & Technologies) Lahore.
I am working in the online field since 2013 and developed and deployed many projects.
I have worked in call centers to software houses, and all of them are many different domains from each other.
I worked in a Call Centre in 2012 – 2013 and sold services in the UK, then I left my job and took admission in UMT for continuing my studies.
I completed my Software Engineering somehow, but somewhere I found out that being a Software Engineer isn’t something I desire.

I started working in the field of SEO and WordPress development since Jan 2017, in the last full year I completed and developed different projects of my own and earn handful.
Later I started Job in a Software House as Social Media Marketer and worked on their Facebook pages and also their website, with six months of experience in there I left the job and moved to another company.

I joined NKU Technologies Pvt. Ltd In August 2017, working on several SEO/WordPress/RE/CW projects in here. I got chance to develop websites of many International Companies and Organizations as well.
I also started SEO projects in here, and few of them ranked in just a month. At the moment I have been into a lot of projects, and as the contract of (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I can’t share them on my website. I have shared them in the PROJECTS section, but many of them aren’t.

I like to blog and share strategies related to SEO/WordPress Development. I also love to blog generally about daily stuff, the things I want and the things I don’t. I like to blog about my opinions even many of them aren’t related to SEO/WordPress development or even Technology.

I have also worked as a YouTuber & a Redditor. Increasing link karma and comment karma on Reddit for me wasn’t a tough job, so I started to sell Reddit accounts on Fiverr. At the moment I am not selling any Reddit accounts on Fiverr, but I have other gigs related to SEO/WordPress Development.

But that’s not all; I am a sportsman too. I have many other routines rather than doing an office job. I like to play sports of any kind, significant of them is football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, kabaddi, swimming, and God knows that there isn’t any game that I don’t play. I played each game and got a lot of awards in my cabinet. Even I have won few local tournaments of Javelin throw, 100-meter sprints, Shotput, cricket, etc. So In short, I am also a sportsman.

The primary purposes and reasons of developing this website are to speak out, I do like to talk about a lot of daily stuff, and I am in plans to share my voice with people around the globe with the help of Website & SEO. I am not a good writer at all and neither I am right in choosing words to write, but I do try my best to reach the maximum extent where my words are even understood able to a naive person.

I have written a few junk already in my blogs section, and if you’re reading any of it, I will request you to give your positive criticism on it, I lack a lot in many spaces, but I do like to learn. You can be my learning resource. Let me know what I can learn from you.

I am also working as a freelancer, and I don’t have several students, but few like to learn from me. You can also become a part of this a little group, where we can learn altogether.

Ata Rehman Educational Experience:

I have completed my matriculation with BIOLOGY subjects, but I wasn’t a good Biology student. So made a switch in my education and went to a technical college PPI (Pak Polytechnical Institute) in Lahore. I completed my Diploma in Electronic Engineering in 2012. Later in my free time, I went to many short courses Web-designing, Diploma in Computer Networks, Cisco Certified Networks Associate, Cisco Certified Networks Professional, Cisco Certified Security Professional, Microsoft Certified IT professional. With all of these various diplomas and certification, I knew different domains. I graduated from UMT, and my major was BSSE (Software Engineering).
So If I compile the list of what I have done so far by now:

  • Matriculation (Biology)
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Networks
  • Website Designing
  • Cisco Certified Networks Associate
  • Cisco Certified Networks Professional
  • Cisco Certified Security Professional
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional
  • BS Software Engineer

Ata Rehman Work Experience:

With all of this education experience above, I have also worked in different sectors. I have worked in call centers that helped me a lot to improve my English Language. I might not be as good as you, but I have managed to start writing in proper English Language. Later on, I worked in a software house as Social Media Marketer, I spent my six months in there and learned different things.

Now from August 2017, I have been working in another Software House, as SEO/SMM, and as a WordPress Developer. I have also worked on Fiverr and below are few links to my profiles that you can go through.

You can also read about my PROJECTS on my website.

Ata Rehman Contact details:

Email :
Contact Phone Number : 03484141121
WhatsApp Phone Number : 03064047725
Address : Lahore, Pakistan.
Facebook Address : Facebook Profile
Fiverr Address : Fiverr Profile


I would like to give my readers a little note because I worked on this principle and it made me satisfied with my life and the place where I am now.

“You got what you got, so you have to make the most out of it, because the fact is that you can’t spend a whole lot of time, just to worry about what you have got? So you got to make a decision. Either to make the best out of what you have got or to cry and never make even near benefit to what you’ve got.”

Projects Details

Projects completed
99 %
Positive feedback
Pending orders
$ 60
Average cost per hour

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