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Short Summary: Hi, my name is Ata Rehman and in this article, we are going to talk about Steemit App & Steemit progress and strategy.

I have seen many people who are curious to know about Steemit App.

STEEMIT is a significantly big social platform that pays its users to write quality content over their Steemit Blog.

By now Steemit is nearly going to cross over 100,000 users, and they are paying their users regularly.

So as the number of users is increasing on a daily basis, Steemit itself has not launched any application that provides their users to surf around Steemit blogs & feeds via Mobile Application.

Can you imagine?
If Steemit itself release an application that is as faster as Instagram & Facebook mobile application that this will be another big thing by the end of 2018.

But few other sources helped in this matter, I have mentioned a link below from where you can download Steemit App.

Steemit App Download:

Download Link:
Or Use this link below.

Steemit is paying their users in SteemDollar & Steem. There are plenty of ways to start earning on Steemit.

8 Months on Steemit:

I created my Steemit Account 8 months ago, and till now I have invested and withdrawn more then 100+$. I am not as active as other, and someone didn't even teach me, so it took me a long while to learn STEEMIT.

So You will surely want to ask that, How Steemit Works?

Steemit is a very complicated type of Social Media that pays, It's hard to understand it there's no one to teach you, but don't worry I am here.

Steemit works on STEEM POWER.

So you will surely want to ask that, What is STEEM POWER?

Steem Power is the amount of power one holds, that can generate money for oneself and others too.
Then there comes reputation, but admittedly I will explain each and everything.

So here is everything that you need to know.!!

What is Steemit

Alright, fellows Steemit is a platform that is blowing people mind off.

And yes, People are making tons of dollar every day with every post on STEEMIT. It's a platform where you can earn a straight living.

Steemit does work on its STEEMIT Dollar, that has higher value then USA Dollar.

But as big as it is, it is more complicated and even harder for a newbie to start working on it. The results are excellent, but only for those who work in a proper strategy.

So what is Steemit?

Steemit is another platform, that looks like Reddit.
But with a huge difference!!

Steemit pays its users, the one who created the content and also those who upvoted the content. So that does mean that everyone does get paid. Even the one who doesn't have any participation in content creating.

And the Reward is - DIGITAL CURRENCY - That's is STEEMIT Dollars & Steem its, elf.

Steemit developers are creating tons of currency every day, and they distribute it among their users.

And the good thing is this that, you don't need to pay for those Steemit Dollars because you can earn them with little work. Either you are a good content creator or not.

So let's dive in & I will show you that how you can work on Steemit.

How to work on Steemit?

Steemit allows its users to post their created content over their created profile/blogs.

Other users that read that content can upvote and post their review/comments on that blog. So the people who create content gets the reward, and those people who curate it or in other sense who upvote it also earn the bonus. And nevertheless, commenters are also getting paid.


Currency Units?

There are three Currency Units, that steemit works.
1) Steem
2) Steem Power
3) Steem Dollar

What is STEEM?

They creat Steem every day. These units are traded for actual money. These are sold in the market, or use for trade to buy another crypto-currency.

What is Steem Power?

Steem Power is the actual unit that holds each and everything in STEEMIT. Steem power decides the real amount power you want to give in your upvote. The more the power is allocated, the more is the earning through upvote.
You can't sell steem power, it can be transferred from steem power to steem and can be later sold.

What is Steem Dollar?

Steem Dollars are the units that are earned by your content when you post content. The number of steem dollars generated via posts/blogs, 50% of those coverts to steem dollars and rest are divided into steem power and curators.

How to withdraw Steem Dollars?

Well, there are many guides on this and I don't think so that writing it will help in understanding it. So I have provided a video below that can help you to understand the procedure of how to withdraw Steem Dollars.

P.S: This is not my video.


Download Steemit App from these links below:

Download Link: Steemit Mobile App
Or Use this link below.

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